The plan was a revelation in terms of finally knowing what amounts of carbs, protein and fat volumes I should be consuming and when. Pre plan I would have eaten too many carbs in the evening and none in the morning. Too many for lunch the following day (leftovers) and this coupled with quite the chocolate and crisp addiction as a « snack » (d’oh) before and a lot of the time after dinner plus no exercise, well…. Now I must admit the hardest part of the plan for me was the constant food prep and having to weigh out the food. This was very time consuming in the evenings ( I did not prep all my meals in one go) and obviously required more thought than my previous actions of just chucking a cereal bar or two in my bag. This being said the recipes provided are epic, there was not a meal that I didn’t enjoy or look forward to eating again. Particular favourites were the buffalo chicken bites, all of the curries, the lean muscle mince and my new breakfast champion of the Bircher muesli (this has changed my world!). The exercise routines were amazing I really enjoyed making this part of my morning routine and have seen my body fat and muscle mass change thanks to the weight training. I have to also say that since exercising regularly and eating better I have noticed I have not been ill once and my overall health definitely improved. So in summary would I recommend the plan 100% yes (I already have been!) am I pleased with my results, yes. I intend to keep going and improve upon the results by signing up to the graduate plan. Was it hard at times.. yes, was it worth it…100% yes!